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Make a gift to help those less fortunate who are going through, or would like to go through, rehabilitation at RehabWorks.



  • A $15 gift will purchase arm pulleys, finger splints, heel lifts, or oral motor chew tubes.
  • A $25 gift will purchase neoprene hand splints for children, a walker basket, adaptive dressing equipment.
  • A $40 gift will purchase hand splints, a grab bar, or hand-held shower head.
  • A $50 gift will purchase sliding transfer board, quad cane, lymphedema bandaging supplies, or adaptive kitchen equipment.
  • A $75 gift will purchase a Hemi walker or wheels for a walker.


    • A $100 gift will purchase a walker, a bath bench orthotics, or a Switch and Adaptive toy for a child.
    • A $200 gift will purchase a bariatric walker.


  • A gift of $180  will sponsor a child in one of our group settings.  These groups focus on early language development, sensory motor skills, and handwriting.
  •  A gift of $100 will provide a child or adult 1 hour of personalized, individual therapy.
  • A gift of $300  will provide a child or adult 1 week of personalized, individual therapy.
  • A  gift of $1,200 will provide a child or adult 1 month of personalized, individual therapy.

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Unit: 1 $ 1,200.00 ea.

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